Private Confession or Reconciliation of a Penitant

Drawing on our Prayerbook’s provision and our tradition, we offer sacramental confession for individuals on request.
Some Christians make confession a regular part of their discipline (even if it is just once a year during, say, Lent), others use it as a particular resource in times of need or transition. The long-standing aphorism about confession in the Anglican Church is “all can, some should, none must.’
Please call the Parish Office or have a word with us after worship to make a time with a priest.

Why Confession?

Scripture makes it clear that whenever a person turns to God in faith and confesses his or her sins, forgiveness follows. Through the formality of confession a person is enabled, therefore, to express the sources of guilt or something that is hindering loving relationship with God or neighbour, and then to receive counsel and the assurance of God’s love and forgiveness.
Thus, the priest, on behalf of the community, listens to the confession and declares God’s forgiveness. This process can be enormously healing and freeing. The priest exercises this ministry in complete confidentiality.