Both the clergy and the church are available to assist with funeral services regardless of prior affiliation with St Andrew’s. Clergy can also take services in other settings such as Funeral Directors chapels or at a graveside. There is really no fixed pattern for the funeral service. A Christian funeral service gives some expression to the hope that the deceased person lives on, not just in our memories, but also in the love and presence of God.
There is within the funeral service considerable freedom to celebrate the deceased person’s life and mourn their passing in particular and special ways. This freedom is best used with care and this can be discussed with the clergy person officiating.
It is possible, and encouraged, to make plans for your own funeral service, and our parish clergy are happy to assist you in this process also.

The Interment of Ashes

Ashes plots are available in the St Andrew’s cemetery – contact the church office for details. Our clergy can offer a brief service at the time of interment.

Last Rites

If you or someone in your family is dying and would like a priest to visit and spend some time, we’d be glad to do so.