At St Andrew’s we are delighted to celebrate Baptisms and enquiries are welcome. The Baptism service is both a celebration of love and life received from God and a commitment or initiation into the life of the Church.
baptism font
We would be delighted to share with you in your baptism or the baptism of your child. Many people have formally begun their Christian journey at the font in St. Andrew’s.
As a community of faith we rejoice at this baptism and will share with you what we ourselves have received: a delight in prayer, a love for the Word of God, a desire to follow the way of Christ, and food for the journey.
At St Andrew’s we are very conscious that Baptism is both a response to, and an occasion for, God’s gift of Grace. As such it is not for us to imagine that we can place any bounds on God’s bountiful abundance by setting limits or laying down rules and conditions declaring who can or cannot be baptised. Equally we encourage candidates (or their parents) to be prayerfully mindful of the commitment and promises within the baptismal service.
In baptism we join the Christian community. Therefore, we make every attempt to incorporate baptisms within the main worship service of the St. Andrew’s community. This requires some advanced planning so please contact us as early as possible.